Sunday, December 28, 2014

It Has Been So Long!

I'm not quite sure I remember how to post on my blog!  Time has been flying for me this year.  In May we sold our house and in August we bought my dream home.  It is a 2200 square foot, 200 year old Civil War looking house.  We have 9 foot ceilings, old wood floors, even floor and ceiling "locks"on the library doors (yes, we have a small library).  It is my dream to have a my studio in a separate structure on our property and right now I do not have a sewing/craft room in the house.  I work part time for a friend's quilt shop and I bring lots and lots of sewing home.  I sew at the kitchen table and my stuff is tucked on the enclosed porch when I finish for the day.  After having a sewing room for 20 years I am missing my space.  However, I am so in love with my home that I don't mind the inconvenience.

I sat down to look at some paper crafting blogs today and decided I need to dig out my pencils and buy some new images to play with.  I really miss making my cards and even though I am extremely busy working, sewing and still home schooling my two boys I am determined to make some cards.  I keep saying I need to figure out how to get by on less sleep :) 

If you have stopped by wondering what happened to me….now you know.  I fell in love with a house and I have made it my home :)

I will be making my rounds to visit all of you in the next few weeks.  I miss seeing what you have been up to and what lovely things you are creating.

I think that's about it.  Thanks for taking a peek!

Blessings & Hugs,


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