Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sewing List Project #4

Hello again! It's Wednesday and I'm so excited to say I have another project done on that list in my sewing room!!

This one is not the same as the other projects.  It's been on my list for a few months, but it .... well ..... 

Let's start at the beginning.  Some of you know I was in a serious accident 11 months ago.  My injuries were pretty serious and unfortunately (though I do understand the reasons) my clothes were all cut off me.  Including my favorite shirt.  (And my favorite cami and my favorite purple bra.  Though one of my boys did say if I wasn't wearing ALL my favorite things at once.....)  I had made the shirt several years ago.  It's a great pattern and I actually have 4 other shirts made from it.  This one was the first and for some reason became my favorite.  It was my go-to shirt when I was chilly or lazy or just wanted to be comfy.  When I discovered (or at least when I finally remember finding out) that it had been cut off I was very sad.  My clothes sat in the bag from the hospital for several months before I went through them.  I looked at the shirt several times and debated fixing it.  I finally decided it was something I needed to do for me.
 Here is the shirt flat on my floor.  They cut up both arms to the neck.
 Here is the shirt folded to look like it should but you can still see where it is cut.  I had to sew everything by hand and it really didn't take too long.
 And here I am in my comfy corduroy shirt all put back together.  In person you can see the stitching and there are a couple places the fabric must have stretched or something but all-in-all it looks pretty good.  I'm pleased how it turned out.  It's good to have my old friend back!
 My Katie helped me take these pictures and she was getting very goofy being a "professional" photographer.  She thought I was very funny when I covered my eyes so she snapped this picture.
She also wanted to show how nice the weather was when we took the pictures.  Not typical December weather for Central New York!

I hope to be back with another project off my list next Wednesday!

I think that's about it.  Thanks for taking a peek!

Blessings & Hugs,



  1. That's wonderful, Michelle!! Not only do you have your favorite shirt back, but it also shows how far you've come yourself after the accident!!
    What's up with this weather??? I want snow!!!!!

  2. This is so sweet and precious, Michelle. It just makes me feel like I know a whole new dimension of YOU! I love it! You are wearing my favorite kind of outfit...I even like sporting my hubs old flannel shirts when no one is around! And I live in my flip-flops! What a fun picture, and I'm praising God that you are wearing that shirt, smiling, and playing with your daughter. Thank you, Jesus!

  3. ok, i did *NOT* realize you were in a serious accident last year, and all i can think is HOW HAPPY i am that you came out of it well enough to be able to fix the fave shirt at the end!!!!!!!!!!!!! that seems like an awesome triumph to me... plus... i can totally see why you love it, it's beautiful and you look gorgeous in it! ♥♥♥

    (ps re weather: i KNOW! it was like 60 degrees here on mon & tues!!! and you can tell that debbie in the comments above me to stop wishing it away, b/c we may LITERALLY be "knee deep" in snow for extended periods before this winter is over. ugh.) :)

  4. what a symbolic thing to do....mending what was broken. hugs to you, dear heart.